After taking us back to his roots with his Southwest, feel good album I Was Missing, Artson‘s latest EP, Reverse Through Time, explores his broken past, revealing his life as a young man lost in the ways of the streets and his quest for redemption through true lyricism. Experiences and memories once buried now come to life though this project. "Music is healing, and sometimes you have to truly let go to move forward."

The album begins with The Biz, an eye opening account of the street hustle. He goes deeper into that reality with The Life. On The Lick, you catch a glimpse of his inner struggle as he battles the repercussions of his actions and the path he was once on. After getting caught up and paying the price, he moves on to discovering a greater purpose through his dreams and shares this moment of awareness through The Vision. The album and Artson’s story come full circle with The Blocks, where he reflects on how his experiences have pushed him to become the man he is. Through it all, he understands that his past is what has led him to the art and culture that has defined his life.

Reverse Through Time

Reverse Through Time - coming March 4th


The Life

The Lick

The Blocks